Sunday, 31 August 2014

Maybelline Big Eyes: great lashes on a budget

Yes, I purchased again another mascara on Friday. That is the kind of things that happen when I am let loose in Boots (long story short: I was looking for something they did not have, so had to have a look around, saw a few 3-for-2 offers, couldn't resist. I'm weak. That's a disease, you know).
On the Maybelline corner, I could not help but see their new offering: Big Eyes Rebel Black.
It is a dual ended mascara, same formula and two separate brushes: one for the upper lashes and the other one, as you guessed, for the lower lashes.
I do not know about you, but I have never been able to use standard brushes on my lower lashes, as even with the lightest of light touches, it usually makes a mess. Would this one be the answer?
I am lucky enough in that I already have naturally long lashes. What I am really after is volume, and loads of it. I like "in your face" lashes when I go out, and slightly less big lashes at work during the day.
So, how does this Big Eyes fared?

Let's start with the beginning. The tube itself, despite containing a double ended wand and two little containers of mascara, is the same standard size as most mascaras. With its black and pink packaging, it screams fun and "try me try me go on go on you know you want to".

Each side clearly indicates if it is for the upper or lower lashes, and you just unscrew the side you want to use. In the interest of science, I unscrewed both sides so I could take a picture  and show you exactly how it is.

The push-up brush for upper lashes does exactly what it says on the tin. It is fattish and a bit twirly, ensuring that it catches all your lashes and act like a wonderbra for your lashes. The mini brush for lower lashes is the cutest tiniest little thing ever. Extremely skinny and dainty, it ensures that just a bit of product is deposited on the lower lashes, without touching the skin and creating a mess.

So, how does it look I hear you ask? Well, have a look below! Please do forgive the look of my brows, they are in an absolute state and if you know of any good place where I can get them done in the Limerick area, do tell.

I paid 11 euros for this one, and I am quite happy with the results. The upper lashes are pushed up and separated, there is a bit of volume and added length without any clump. The lower lashes are delicately coloured and separated. It is quite a great daytime mascara, and I can see myself using it to go to work. 

And another good point for this mascara: it did not budge during the day (even on the lower lashes), but was a dream to remove. I use an oil cleanser, and it removed it so easily I could not believe it!

Have you tried this one? What did you think of it?

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