Saturday, 30 August 2014

Is that... Is that a spot on my face??!!

Hello, my name is Celine, I am a thirty-something woman... and I get spots. 
The one thing I liked when I was a teenager was that despite everything that was going wrong I did not have any spot. I danced through those years without getting a single spot. Lucky, eh?
Fast-forward a few (okay okay, an obscene amount of) years, I started getting a few pesky ones mainly on my chin and my jaw bone.
After complaining about the unfairness of getting them now as an adult (I mean come on, having to deal with fine lines AND spots at the same time is most definitely not what I thought growing up would be about), and trying a lot of different spot treatments, creams, potions and lotions, I finally found my saviour in the shape of a little tube of wonder.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Effaclar A.I, by La Roche Posay.
I have been purchasing this one over and over for years now, and if La Roche Posay ever decide to discontinue it I may will definitely have a nervous breakdown right in the skincare section of Boots. That's how much I love it.

When I feel that a spot is coming, I just dab a tiny little bit of Effaclar (tiny little bit = a pinhead sized drop) on the offending area and then go about my business.
It is easier to do it at night when you do not want to wear make-up over it, but I you need to, just be careful not to rub anything on top of it: what works best when putting foundation or concealer is to put Effaclar and then follow by a tiny little bit of concealer/foundation ever so delicately dabbed on the spotty area. That way, Effaclar will not ball up and attract attention to the red monsters.

I usually use it twice a day when needed, and after a couple of days (say, 2 to 3) the uglies are gone. If I wait until the spot is getting bigger and more noticeable before using it, it takes a little bit longer to go away but it still does (note that it might very well be because if a spot is out I cannot help myself and have to touch it and sometimes press it. I know I shouldn't but admit it, we're all the same).

The last time I bought Effaclar A.I, I realised that La Roche Posay finally decided to slightly tweak the packaging and that might have been their best idea ever: goodbye aluminium tube, hello clean plastic!

It retails at approximately €13 for 15ml, so we might consider it an investment. But a little goes a very long way, and I usually go through a tube and a half per year. So that's a very small price to pay to keep those spots at bay!

Do you have a miracle remedy against spots? Tell me what it is!

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