About Me

Just your standard French expat in the sunny (what?) shores of Ireland.
I own way too many tubes of mascara, enough pairs of shoes to give Brown Thomas a run for their money, and am the dedicated human (read slave) to two cats.
This will be a place where I talk about what I like and dislike, and give my opinion on trivial, futile and maybe sometimes important things!
Considering that I am slightly obsessed with make-up, skincare, haircare and all things beauty-related, this blog will mostly talk about these things. I am also an airport shopping specialist (aka addict), and I do not seem to be able to go through an airport without purchasing a beauty-related item.

It is only my opinions, and I must stress that I am not a beauty therapist or specialist. What works for me might not work for you, and vice-versa!

You can contact me by email Mascara.And.Opinions@gmail.com if you have any question or suggestion, or leave a comment!

Oh, and I just thought that it might be worth mentioning that as english is not my native tongue, you might read a few weirdly composed sentences. I apologise for any spelling or grammatical error, and if you see one that burnt your eyes please please please do tell me!

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