Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nail polish du jour... Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine "Almond"

Up until 5 years ago, I was biting my nails quite bad. And by quite bad I mean "there was no nail left at all on my index fingers" bad. So when I realised how nice it was to not have to hide my hands in shame all the time, I started painting my nails and wearing rings.
Of course, one thing lead to another and I bought quite a few nail polishes. I did do crazy colors and the like, but I have now settled for colours on the nude range, with the occasional glamour red when I'm feeling fancy.
During my experiments with crazy colours, I discovered the Barry M range. At less than 4 euros a bottle (and very often in 3-for-2 offers in Boots), I was not taking a big risk by trying them on... and long story short: I was impressed. With most colours, only two coats are needed to achieve a perfect result that stays chip-free for three to four days.
So when I discovered their Gelly Hi-Shine range, I was full of hope: the usual fab quality with a high shine (which the the assumption one would make reading the range name)? I could not wait to try it but when I first saw I was not really attracted to any colour. Fast-forward a couple of months and I finally found one that looked rather lovely: a cute nude-ish one called "Almond".

A lovely greige with a bit of purple, it was exactly what I was looking for.
It is the kind of colours that go with everything: discrete and delicate enough for the office, but cool and edgy enough for a party.
It applies like a dream, and two coats are more than enough. The great thing with Barry M polishes is that even if you only apply a single thick coat (because you are lazy or you do not have time, I will not judge since I also do it myself sometimes, do not repeat it), it comes out even and pretty.
It dries quite quickly as well, so there is no need to wait around for ages with your hands in the air trying not to touch anything (we shall not speak about that nail polish curse which makes you need to use the toilet when you just finished doing your nail) and although it is shiny, glossy and lovely, I would not describe it as high shine per se. Nothing that a good top coat would not fix though!
As you can see, it is quite a cool colour which is something I love. So this one will most likely be one of the very few that will be used and used again until it is empty, and then repurchased!

Do you like nude nail polishes or do you prefer to go with full on bright colours? Which brand is your favourite?

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