Sunday, 31 August 2014

Maybelline Big Eyes: great lashes on a budget

Yes, I purchased again another mascara on Friday. That is the kind of things that happen when I am let loose in Boots (long story short: I was looking for something they did not have, so had to have a look around, saw a few 3-for-2 offers, couldn't resist. I'm weak. That's a disease, you know).
On the Maybelline corner, I could not help but see their new offering: Big Eyes Rebel Black.
It is a dual ended mascara, same formula and two separate brushes: one for the upper lashes and the other one, as you guessed, for the lower lashes.
I do not know about you, but I have never been able to use standard brushes on my lower lashes, as even with the lightest of light touches, it usually makes a mess. Would this one be the answer?
I am lucky enough in that I already have naturally long lashes. What I am really after is volume, and loads of it. I like "in your face" lashes when I go out, and slightly less big lashes at work during the day.
So, how does this Big Eyes fared?

Shower Gel... The luxury version

I have a confession to make (well, actually I have a truckload of them but this one will be the first): when travelling, I always make sure to arrive to the airport early. Not out of a fear of missing my plane or something adult like that... but just so I have the time to peruse the shops and spend the equivalent of the GDP of a small country.
My last time in Paris was no different: I was exhausted after a weekend of partying and sleeping too little (I'm getting way too old for that), but still I got to the airport at 9:30am for a 12 noon flight. That's how dedicated I am.
I was specifically looking for the Nuxe Reve De Miel shower gel (they did not have it when I went there the time before), and thankfully they had the big pump bottle. Took it with several other little things, and went my merry way. 
The lady at the parapharmacy till stroke a discussion with me (I have dental braces, so did she.. we became friends forever with shared stories of shredded cheeks, painful teeth and awkward eating), and was nice enough to put everything in the sealed bag you need to go through security because of those pesky liquids restrictions.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Is that... Is that a spot on my face??!!

Hello, my name is Celine, I am a thirty-something woman... and I get spots. 
The one thing I liked when I was a teenager was that despite everything that was going wrong I did not have any spot. I danced through those years without getting a single spot. Lucky, eh?
Fast-forward a few (okay okay, an obscene amount of) years, I started getting a few pesky ones mainly on my chin and my jaw bone.
After complaining about the unfairness of getting them now as an adult (I mean come on, having to deal with fine lines AND spots at the same time is most definitely not what I thought growing up would be about), and trying a lot of different spot treatments, creams, potions and lotions, I finally found my saviour in the shape of a little tube of wonder.